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I love gardening and have always

wanted to make my own wine!

I started learning how to make my

home-grown wines in 2015.


SL Brew Supply opened on July 4th, 2016!

Officially licensed as a Ferment on Premises

in March of 2019!

We are the only U-Brew that will

help you make non-kit wine

from your own produce!

You grew it, we can help you brew it!


We carry a fine selection of brew kits for

wine, beer and cider!


We carry 3 sizes of

raw and unpasteurized Kemp Honey,

perfect for your Honey Mead or sweet tea!

Tax-Free brewing ingredients means

you pay less to the government

for a drink after work!!

Let us know how we can help U-Brew!


slbs selfie.jpg

Angela Dana - Hatch

Owner / Operator

When I first started brewing, I had trouble finding the right equipment

or any advice.

I realized that maybe I wasn't the only one,

and SLBS was born!

We are here to help



Friends & Family

Team Players

I am so thankful to have so many folks who believe in me and share their time and ideas, they are such powerful motivators!

I couldn't've gotten this far without them!



Moral Support

This is just one of my fur-kids.

They help keep me laughing and ease the pressures of Life!


Many pets and livestock enjoy eating the fruit and grain compost from brewing by scratch!


Hops are toxic to dogs!

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